F​.​T​.​W (Re​-​release)

by Thy Eviction

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Hey let me see another faded memory,
back when I wasn't as sadistic twisted as I've come to be.
Walk in this place where sheeple never notice me,
aside from all the times they try to get up all,
in my fucking shit!
Why must I sleep just let me numb the ache in my head in my mind,
it is killing me inside.
Oh fuck this world, I am sick of all your shit,
just let me die never mind I'm not quite at that point yet.
I wanna know where you ugly people go,
just to get all of the shit you use to fuck my day up!
War genocide just leave out of sight out of mind out of time,
ain't it so divine!
I won't be a victim of this lie!
Things aren't that great don't fucking hesitate to break there spines!
With my blood soaked hands I'll tear out the truth you hid from your blackened dead hearts!
Why blankey protest against people who know best,
they know everything about you like how your so cynical pitiful,
lay his body on a pedestal straight to
Make him scream!
Make him cry!
But always try to deny!
Get ready,
your world will be turned inside out,
I'll have no quarter in stomping your punk ass out,
Til your bleeding and dying, fucking pleading and crying,
I have not grasped the meaning of mercy,
so you'll fall!
Begging for release while I'm grasping your bleeding neck,
hold you down to the ground you'll never forget.
That I was the one you tried to control,
So come at me punk ass bitch I've got 5 knuckles ready to go!


released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Thy Eviction Newmarket, Ontario

2 man metal band just doing what they love, creating brutality!

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